Supply and demand in the current market

Hope everyone is well and staying safe.  The team here at The Plant Market want to address some of the questions we’ve recently been asked regarding supply, demand and cost.
There is a European wide shortage of plants, mostly shrubs and climbers. Inevitably this leads to supply and demand price changes to us. The more we pay, the more we have to charge. Daily, we calculate what is worth buying or whether we feel that we have to go without as items may be too expensive to buy. This will get better as the year goes on, however it is a tricky balancing act. Do we have a) less stock or b) maintain a range but accept that some will be more expensive? It’s not a case of greed on our part – as prices increase to us, we make no more margin and potentially sell less stock. Many businesses are having the same dilemma.
We price check our plants against other Garden Centres and feel that ours are in line. We also pride ourselves by providing the service behind the plant.
Covid and Brexit joining forces has created a perfect storm for all businesses.
We are delighted that the majority of our stock is sourced locally and equally delighted that bedding supplies (from Perth and the Lothians) are coming through well.
Thank you to all of our understanding customers as we come out of lockdown, please be assure that we continually strive to give value for money.