Repotting your houseplants

Use your herbs to make a tasty Thai Pesto

How to grow herbaceous perennials

Planting acid-loving shrubs

Team Talk – Meet Maria

Can I re-use spent compost?

Taking dahlia cuttings

Meet Karsten

Best plants for birds

Meet Colin

Creating a pollinator friendly garden

Where should I place my bird box?

Protect your plants from frost

Improve soil health

Make your own compost

Meet Stan

Looking after your houseplants in winter

Picking the right Christmas tree

Pumpkin pointers

Pumpkin pointers!

Protect your tender plants

Trimming tips

Team Talk – Meet Laura

Propagating houseplants

How to take Salvia cuttings

Team Talks – Meet Fiona

Annabelle Ewing MSP, pledges to plant a Growforth tree for her community

Wasp facts

Orchid care

What to plant in August

Taking semi-ripe cuttings

Sowing crops in August

Layering strawberry plants

July – what to prune now

Herb Heaven

Courgette inspiration

Strawberry recipes

Growing roses

Which rose is right for me?

Crops to grow with the kids

June Prune

Plant your own hanging basket

The Chelsea Chop

Clematis groups

Scotland’s horticultural industry gathers with MSPs at Holyrood to discuss Scottish Environmental Horticulture Growth Strategy

Gardening for birds

Growing your own food

Bring back the bees

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