Environmental Policy

The Director(s) of Growforth Ltd recognise that there are important environmental issues associated with the distribution and retailing of horticultural products and the operation of a hub nursery. In order to manage these issues effectively we are committed to:

  • Striving to use resources efficiently and to prevent pollution by:
  • Managing the energy and water use within the nursery
  • Ensuring that our vehicles, heating systems, lighting and other equipment is well maintained
  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements that relate to our activities, such as waste management
  • Work to reduce the amount of waste produced and reuse materials where possible;
  • Investigate all opportunities for increasing recycling initiatives
  • Supporting industry wide initiatives relating to environmental issues in horticulture
  • Working with customers, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders to address environmental issues of mutual interest
  • Monitoring the environmental impacts associated with our activities
  • *Regularly reviewing our environmental performance and this policy and setting objectives and targets in order to continually improve our environmental performance *optional*
  • Providing appropriate training to ensure that staff are aware of their environmental responsibilities