Tempted by tatties?

Winter is a great time to start growing  potatoes. But if you’re a novice, how do you know where to start? Here’s our handy guide to get you started.

Choosing & Chitting

Always use healthy classified seed potatoes as these are the highest grade of seed potatoes available. Make sure you check the label for the correct certification including grade and size.

Unwrap the potatoes and place in a shallow tray. Store them in a cool, but frost free, light place several weeks before planting them.  The seed potatoes should develop strong chits (sprouts) which will help them grown quickly.

Soil preparation and planning 

Soil temperature should be over 8 degrees for successful potato growing. So, be prepared and dig your plot in Autumn or Spring ready to plant the seed potatoes.


Also known as ‘earthing-up’. When the potatoes have grown a few inches, use a rake to pull the earth around the plant to create peaked rows. This gives them more soil to grow in, improves drainage and stops sunlight from turning the tubers green. It also helps control those ever pesky weeds!