Plant of the month – Snowdrops

Plant of the month – Snowdrops

Snowdrops.  A wonderful sight in a month when the twinkly lights of Christmas have long since faded.  Sometimes referred to as the flower of hope, they remind us that bright spring days will be here again.

When should I plant them? As dry bulbs in the autumn or as clumps in the late spring or in pots anytime

Where should I plant them? Under the canopy of trees ideally but any shady border or even in verge or under deciduous hedges

How much care do they need? A little potash feed and top dress with leaf-mould / compost in the winter

If I want to show off – what’s their Latin name? Galanthus

Interesting facts about the humble snowdrop – Snowdrops were used to treat headaches and as a painkiller but in modern medicine a compound in the bulb of the snowdrop has been used to develop a dementia treatment.

Some Galanthophiles (yes here is such a thing) have been know to pay up to £725 for one bulb!