National Children’s Gardening Week – 25 May to 2 June

Planted Pants to Grow in the garden!

Shopping list


  1. Find a spot in the garden where you want to plant your trousers.
  2. Tie the legs of the trousers into knots so that compost can’t come out of the bottom of the trouser legs.
  3. Push the bamboo canes into the belt hoops around the trouser waist, and tie them there with string. You’ll need to tie in at least three or four canes for each pair of trousers.
  4. Push the bamboo canes into the ground so your trousers are standing up.
  5. Now fill your trousers with the compost to just an inch or two below the waist.
  6. Give the trousers a good watering. If the compost settles and no longer comes close to the waist, top up the trousers with some more compost.
  7. Now you can plant the waist of your trousers with your seeds or plants. If you pick some tumbling plants they’ll trail down the legs.
  8. Try cutting some openings into the trouser legs and putting seeds or plants into the holes for a fun ripped jeans look!

Have fun!