International Year of Plant Health 2020

Did you know – the United Nations has designated 2020 as The International Year of Plant Health. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy plants and what each and every one of us around the world can do to ensure good bio-security and also to enjoy all that this brings.

There is a wide range of events from woodland walks and family orientated visits to conferences and meetings.  Throughout the UK there will be a Plant Health Week (20-27 April) with involvement from the HTA as well as DEFRA, Kew Gardens, the RHS, BALI, The Arboricultural Association, The Woodland Trust and many more besides.

Put your healthy living New Year’s resolutions into practice –  an eye-catching display of seed trays, propagators, gardening gloves,
cloches, fleece and veg seed for early-season sowing is the best way to five a day. As long as the soil is not frozen soil or too wet, flower
beds and veg plots can be prepared.  Bare root trees, shrubs and hedging can still all be planted now but remember the risks
associated with frozen or waterlogged soil.

Visit for more information and a calendar of events.